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Welcome to Quimby!

Quimby is a daily podcast comprised of the random things I think about.

Hi. I’m Alex. I’m an out of touch Gen Xer trying to wrap my head around the present while trying my best to be a good husband and father (or at least trying my best to figure out what that means). If you’re fast becoming a person of a certain age and yet still wondering when the hell you’re going to feel like you’ve got it “figured out” then this podcast is probably for you. Things I like and will most likely talk about on this podcast: music, movies, things happening in the culture that I don’t understand, things that have happened in my life, both past and present. Is this is starting to sound like a Tinder profile? Well swipe right!  ..or is it left? Hold on, I’ve got to look this up...yep, swipe right. Come along with me as I explore my digital nether-regions to find out when people stop being polite and start getting real! Quimby.

Episode 001 November 26, 2018


Welcome to the premiere episode of Quimby!

I’m so glad you’re here! Is anybody still listening to the radio? Think about how much has changed in the culture in the last 10 years. Now think about how much the culture changed during the lifetime of the Beatles (1964ish - 1970). Is it even comparable?  In one clean sweep Nirvana changed the landscape. And the price of TVs have really come down.

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